I love that Neil deGrasse Tyson has cornered the famous astrophysicist market.


Yassss @neildegrassetyson and I are guests on Conan tonight!! He is the MAN. 🌌🌠🌌🌠 @teamcoco

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If you live in downtown Vancouver, are you sick of listening to U2 rehearse? They are practicing for their upcoming tour in an open-roof stadium.

Do you remember when Gawker Stalker was a thing? Emily Gould was an editor and went on Larry King to defend it and Jimmy Kimmel was hosting. He tore into her. Looking back, the “real time” map seems quaint compared to Twitter.

During a cooking segment on Ellen, Nicole Kidman basically put herself in the meme hall of fame by rejecting Giada’s focaccia. The fact that Nicole couldn’t hold back her criticism – on TV! – is interesting, but I was also fascinated at how Nicole keeps cutting Giada off, so much so that Ellen points it out. And Ellen, celebrity-friendly Ellen, is making faces about the food while Giada tries to promote her new restaurant and show. As helpers, both completely mess up their assignments. Eventually Giada, trying so hard to have a moment with Ellen about the “anus seeds,” gives up and laughs along. She really has no choice, even if she is secretly dying inside as the cool kids snicker about her home ec project. Can you imagine Martha Stewart tolerating this?


Tomorrow, you’re not going to want to miss what @NicoleKidman, @GiadaDeLaurentiis and I have got cookin’.

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