As Lainey wrote, Bennifer: Part Deux is giving social media a lot of life. Top-tier, A+ content is being posted by the hour. My favourite so far, on the timing it all:


Now I know Housewives is not for everyone but when a story makes CNN (like this one did) and trends all night, I think it transcends Bravo. Porsha Williams, who started on the show as the young wife of an NFL player and has evolved into an independent single mom and Black Lives Matter activist (read the NYT profile on her here) is engaged to the (very) recent ex of someone who appeared on the show. Between this and Bennifer, Twitter is thriving. Congrats to Andy Cohen.


So much has been written about Jeremy Renner’s social media presence (there’s even a podcast about him, The Renner Files) and yet I would still eagerly read a 10,000 word essay on this post. How did #TacoTuesday come to be? What about this specific Jeremy Renner image reads as “youthful Internet meme” to his team?

Crocs is having a great run thanks to celebs like Justin Bieber and skyrocketing sales and popularity with Zillennials. Here’s Nicki Minaj promoting a new project in nothing but Chanel and Crocs, which has me wondering which fashion house will do an official collaboration with the rubber shoe of the moment. 


I know I’m in the minority here but I don’t see any Tommy Lee in Sebastian Stan. He’s a fine actor but the photos are not giving me Tommy’s chaotic big d-ck energy. In fact, I will go one step further and say that if I didn’t already know it he was playing Tommy Lee, I would think he was dressed as a generic rock star. 


Every Chris Rock piece is an automatic click for me because he gives a lot in his interviews, which are as entertaining and complicated as his comedy work. And his insights stand the test of time – go pick any random Chris Rock interview from 10, 15, 20 years ago and it will still be relevant, like his 2014 essay on Hollywood.