Mango hosted a store opening in New York and it was kind of old school in that celebrities showed up and posed for photos. This used to be extremely common, like Chloe Sevigny and Maggie Gyllenhaal at a Target opening, but it’s not something you see as much anymore. Maybe this kind of actress-influencer intersection is making a comeback?


In a new biography about Anna Wintour, writer Amy Odell reports that Anna Wintour’s go-to lunch is a steak and caprese salad, hold the tomatoes. As an Italian who does not eat tomatoes, I feel a kinship with Anna Wintour on this. I order BLTs without tomatoes, same with burgers. But I often make both caprese and cucumber/tomato salads and will include tomatoes but eat around them. I like the essence and not the texture. What I’m trying to say is that a caprese salad minus tomatoes doesn’t seem that weird to me. (Click here if no embed is showing)


D’Arcy Carden is so great on Barry this season as Sally’s personal assistant. The women on this show exude seething toxic positivity in such a subtle way. Sarah Goldberg is absolutely killing it as a showrunner and newly minted TV star who is still so bound up in being a pleaser that she can’t recognize what Barry did on set was extremely f-cked up.  (Embed is here)

Jessica Simpson’s outfit is a throwback to a kind of 2005 boho aesthetic that she’s never given up. She has stayed consistent and this kind of look – the big bag, chunky heel, oversize sunglasses, embroidered top – is making a comeback, as most things in fashion do. Will handkerchief tops ever see the light of day again?  (Embed is here)


Netflix is obviously having issues, but its lack of promo for projects is really noticeable. It’s like they completely rely on social media buzz. Senior Year is about a cheerleader (Rebel Wilson) who wakes up from a 20 year coma and goes back to finish high school. The reviews aren’t great but Netflix has a captive audience that can appreciate a rom-com that’s just OK. That’s the whole point of having access to it on demand, so you can mindlessly watch stuff like this. (Embed is here)


Also on Netflix, The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On has overtaken Bridgerton in the Nielson ratings. This leads to me reality TV and the cost of producing it (cheap, compared to scripted television) and salaries. Below Deck is a hit for Bravo, it often beats the Housewives franchises in the ratings but bosun and cast member Eddie Lucas said the cast is not paid anywhere close to Housewives salaries. Most Housewives are not paid especially well for on-camera talent, especially considering how much comes out of their own pocket (like hair, makeup, wardrobe, catering for parties etc.). Reality TV brings opportunity and fame, but not a steady paycheque. And there’s no incentive for streamers or networks to pay more because it is a job a million people would kill for. (Embed is here)