Jennifer Lopez’s Mother’s Day post hit hard because of her documentary. In it, there’s a line about her mother being narcissistic and then it never comes up again. It is probably the most vulnerable thing JLo could have revealed (mothers are a touchy subject!) and it was not explored at all. 


I would watch an entire documentary on that.


Justin and Hailey Bieber’s pregnancy announcement included a vow renewal and it appears to be officiated by Judah Smith (he is in the background). Judah also officiated their big wedding (which happened after the courthouse wedding) – a sign of consistency. And while the whole “rockstar pastor, super cool megachurch” fad came and went, Justin and Judah go back to when Justin was 15, half his life. And unlike some of the other pastors, Judah doesn’t seem to trade on or advertise their relationship. 


Madonna gets deep with this one – poignant, conflicted, painful. The hospital window and the questions about failure are very raw. As Katy Perry commented, “you’ve raised generations”.

The eternal Mother’s Day question for this column is: how hard can we dig into the men who post their current partner, but not a former partner with whom they co-parent . Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day are “take note” kind of days.


Two examples here: Orlando Bloom and Chris Pratt wished their currents, but not their formers, a Happy Mother’s Day. Is this fair or, considering everyone in this is high profile, is the ex shout-out necessary? Just from a manners perspective. But if the post isn’t authentic, isn’t it worse to be performative and pretend to be friendly for the social media warm and fuzzies?


David Beckham pretending he’s not super advanced with his skin care routine and he’s doing this for his wife – ya right. This is a man who loves his beauty routine. He rubs it into his hands, too. He knows exactly what he’s doing. 

Sabrina Carpenter is on the rise and could be our next great popstar. Right now she’s at a great level of fame and can still have a personality without being saddled by a zealous fandom. Yes that’s Leonardo DiCaprio on the cake. It’s a meme that says “Nooo don’t turn 25 your so sexy aha.” LOL.


Lainey wrote about Law Roach’s Burn Book and I get his frustration towards the “big 5” fashion houses. Here’s an example: Camila Morrone was a guest of Chanel at the MET Gala. She’s had one Hulu series and dated Leonardo DiCaprio. Nowhere near a household name – she’s barely a gossip forum name. This is no shade to her, it’s just an example of how standards are applied and what constitutes being “high-profile” enough for a house. Like, I didn’t know Camila was at the gala until I saw her Instagram and I went through multiple rounds of photos.