Taraji is engaged, which means she gets to wear a wedding dress. Taraji has incredible style, both on and off the red carpet. Every designer should be clamouring to work with her. Who will she choose? What’s her wedding day style going to look like?


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David wished Victoria, his mom, his mother-in-law and both of his sisters a Happy Mother’s Day. It wasn’t the most gushing post, but maybe it’s because the UK and US have different Mother’s Days and in March, he wrote a specific one for Victoria. That must be it. 


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Ben Schwartz versus BB-8, Lainey’s nemesis.

There’s a Liam Gallagher documentary being shopped at Cannes – who can I speak to to have this picked up and streamed immediately. 

Will Smith told the story of how his life got flipped turned upside down (by the IRS) and he became The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. You know what makes this story great? Quincy Jones! When Quincy is there, every story gets better.  


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Yesterday, I texted Lainey as soon as this came up in my feed. Because OF COURSE Justin Timberlake centered himself in a Mother’s Day photo. As Lainey said, it’s so on brand. 


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Chris Pratt is doing “What’s my snack” on Instagram again (basically it’s just short videos of him eating various foods). But when will he get his snack from Jennifer Garner’s vegetable garden?


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I had to Google what exactly ketamine is. It’s actually not a horse tranquilizer (as I thought), but a sedative in the PCP family that, when snorted, can cause hallucinations. Lily Allen’s real-life experience is better than any The More You Know public service announcement. 

Gabrielle definitely knows who bit Beyoncé. But she’s not breaking the Beygency’s number one rule.