I’m disappointed Good News was cancelled. It was a lot like 30 Rock in its first couple of seasons – it hadn’t quite found the right balance yet but it was definitely getting there. 


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I was a huge Seinfeld fan and have read this list ranking Elaine’s boyfriends several times. Some I wholeheartedly agree with, some I would have moved in position. But really, none of the guys are all that memorable for who they are – it’s Elaine who makes them memorable. Her storytelling. She could tell a story like no other. Remember when she was cleaning her glasses while she told Jerry, “He took it out”? I couldn’t identify the actor who took it out, but I remember every beat of her scene. 


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Rhea Wahlberg has launched a handbag line, Ella Grace, with a bucket bag, cardholder and wristlet. They are like any other wristlet or bucketbag you could find in a department store purse section, whether you wanted to spend $40 or $400. How did this come about? Was she searching endlessly for the perfect lavender bucket bag and, when she couldn’t find it, decided to must make one herself, and then her friends were asking her about it, so she decided to create a line? Who is the target market for these bags?


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This is the Vogue Met Gala special issue. I mean of course it would be Rihanna. But what about co-chairs Amal or Donatella? Or the pioneer of the modern Catholic imagination, Madonna


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I’m still considering people I would have loved to have seen on the stairs, the people we missed. Like FKA twigs. I always want to see what she’s wearing. 


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The wait for Crazy Rich Asians is interminable. 


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