As Lainey mentioned the other day, Ashley Benson and  G-Eazy have been spotted canoodling. (That’s not a word we hear much anymore but in the early 2000s, when club culture ruled Hollywood, canoodling was thrown around quite liberally.) Ashley moved on from Cara Delevingne quite quickly and it’s been noticed by fans, which is why Cara had to post a story asking people to leave Ashley alone. I can get behind the fact that Cara didn’t ignore the negative comments; instead, she told her fans to cut it out. More of them need to do this. (PS: Remember when Cara gifted Ashley a birthday shout-out from the Olsen twins? Priceless.)


Flip through this album of throwbacks: Tom Selleck! Rosie Perez! A brunette Kylie Minogue! I’m not sure when each photo was taken but most of the looks hold up quite well. Look at the first photo with Gwyneth Paltrow, Sandra Bullock, and Salma Hayek – they all have the slicked-to-the-side part and minimal dresses. Classic.

Yesterday I noticed this picture floating around Twitter and let me tell you, lots of people hate Zoe Kravitz’s wedding dress. Some people hate the cut, others hate the drop waist and lots of people hate the shoes (someone said “a strappy sandal would have done wonders”). Does this change your perception of the dress? For me, it doesn’t. I don’t expect Zoe Kravitz to be in a strapless mermaid dress and Manolo Blahniks. No shade to those who love that style, but that is certainly not Zoe. I think she would totally understand the dislike and even embrace it. She’s not looking for a Martha Stewart Weddings cover. (Lainey: for the record, I LOVE THIS DRESS AND THE ENTIRE LOOK SO MUCH.)

Apple Martin allowed her mother to wish her a Happy Birthday on Instagram. Photo approval was key, obviously. Apple is 16 and probably thinking about where to go to school when she graduates from high school. Is acting on the table? If it is, I could see GP making her wait until she turns 18, which is what her parents did (so did Goldie and Kurt with Kate – she landed Almost Famous at 20). When you have this kind of access and pedigree, there’s no need to rush through adolescence to work. 


One interesting thing that has come out of quarantine content is so much Cameron Diaz – more than we’ve gotten since her last press junket. She’s even posting food photos! 

Wait, did Liam read this BuzzFeed story on Ellen DeGeneres?.