I don’t understand what we are fignting about. Forget Yanny. There is no Yanny. 


There are conflicting reports about which Spice Girls will attend the royal wedding: Page Six is reporting that the two Mels are not invited. Is it because Mel B teased a performance at the reception, which was probably never in the works? If it was intentional, that would probably be an irritation. But why not Mel C? Page Six could be wrong and maybe they are all invited. One thing we know is that Posh will be there. 


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Like Lainey said, let JT be your mood today. Yes, his hair is good right now. And maybe he’s feeling himself a little extra because he finally joined Instagram. (Kelly Preston did too.)


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Lea Michele was hosting an event, and somehow the topic of having kids came up. I found her answer pretty refreshing. She said, “I’m still playing roles that are under 21, so I kind of want to push that as long as I can. Having a baby might mess that up for me.” Lea Michele is 31 and can still play a college student and the fact that she’s being strategic in holding onto that position is work in and of itself. 


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Is there no one in Fergie’s life who could have stopped this suit? It’s a complete mess – the shiny fabric, the unflattering cut, the black bodysuit under the sheer white blouse, the length, the accessories. How did this suit make it past her team?


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