In August of 2020, PEOPLE had the scoop on Minka Kelly and Trevor Noah’s “serious” (per a source) relationship. Then in January of this year, PEOPLE had another story about the two house hunting and planning for the future. Fast forward to today and PEOPLE again has the jump on their relationship with this breakup story.  I was wondering what was going on as she went on some kind of yoga retreat (not that going away without one’s partner is a sign of a split) and the tone and frequency of her posting has changed. Trevor is also enjoying his vaccine with a mini break in Miami. But… hold up… she liked his post from four days ago. So maybe this is a break and not a breakup? PEOPLE has been solid on this so I’m not doubting the report, but there is a noticeable lack of detail about the split, so maybe there’s a chance for reconciliation.


Henry Cavill had to go online to defend his private life and his girlfriend after overzealous fans hassled them online. This is not uncommon and it’s always baffling. Like anytime I mention Diane Kruger and Norman Reedus there’s a very small and vocal group who has all these strange judgements and theories about their relationship and I can’t quite sort out where it stems from. 

This online birthday card from Candy Spelling to Tori Spelling is a public acknowledgement of her birthday, something totally normal for many families. But we know what Tori wants for her birthday, right? She’d be easy to shop for. Cut that cheque Mama Candy!


Martha Stewart told the New York Post to shut the f-ck up about her peacocks. 


Everyone’s fighting over bootcut and skinny and straight leg jeans – it’s become a generation turf war. But there’s a much more incendiary conversation to be had: suspender jeans. Love them or hate them? I can’t get behind it but I do want to see them in person.