Gossip nostalgia is powerful because it links us to a place and time that happened collectively, but feels personal. What kind of jeans did you wear in the Bennifer era? Where did you live when Brangelina started? You can probably remember these details, while the gossip acts as a backdrop to our own stories. Kristen Dunst and Jake Gyllenhaall were young and beautiful and for writer Jocelyn Silver, they are tied into her parents’ divorce. In a new story in InStyle, she writes, “So I was very upset about the breakup, and conveyed the bad news to my mom. She took in the information with a nod, and pulled the car over to the shoulder of the 101. “Speaking of breaking up,” she said. “Your father and I are getting a divorce.” That’s a formative moment and, as Silver writes, a great dinner party story. 


Honey on pizza? I’ve never tried it but I would. If pineapple pizza works (and I think it does) then why wouldn’t this? But is it a dip, like ranch, or does he pour the honey on top?

You know how over the last 5 years, “ugly” shoes (like big white sneakers, Velcro sandals, thong heels) have become super hip? That will absolutely never, ever happen to whatever these are called. They are objectively ugly. Toes are meant to be together, not have their own compartments. The little piggies don’t need to social distance.

Some MRM podcaster tried to come for Jamie Lee Curtis on Twitter for reprising a part in her own franchise, as if this doesn’t happen all the time (Rocky, anyone?). As she points out, she has probiotic money so step off. 


Lena Dunham was on WWHL with Dua Lipa and stopped Andy Cohen to tell him she once did poppers and ate a cheesecake. Andy Cohen looked confused. Dua Lipa looked confused. The internet is skeptical. 

Huge news for fans of Legally Blonde: Mindy Kaling is co-writing the screenplay. Reese and Mindy have worked together before and clearly they gelled because Reese knows the pressure that is on this project – she is tapping into her best resources for this.