Criss Angel is opening a restaurant called Cablp (Criss Angel breakfast lunch pizza, pronounced Ca-blip). Ca-blip isn’t a word or even a logical string of sounds. Now that the name has been released, I wonder if the team will reassess because of public opinion. His stage name includes “Angel” so they have a lot to work with. (The official Instagram page has it branded as BLP, so maybe they dropped the “Ca” already.) Also, since we are talking about Criss Angel, remember when he dated Cameron Diaz???? That was the ultimate magic trick.


In the intro this morning, Lainey wrote about the re-examination of Sinead O’Connor, someone who has been herself and telling us who she is for decades (it’s just that the media and the public didn’t want to listen). There’s also a re-examination of another pop culture figure happening online: Shrek. Was the movie garbage or harmless fun? There are a lot of feelings around this.


Can we talk about January Jones’s sweater? I’m never mad about a stripe or clashing patterns and colours, all of which is happening here. It’s a great sweater (Staud, sold out on the website but happy hunting.)


Moschino x Sesame Street is kind of ridiculous, in the way that Moschino is always kind of ridiculous. These aren’t investment pieces, they are novelty items. People and celebs with an adventurous fashion spirit (like Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry) are definitely the target market


There are quite a few celebrity tequila lines (Nick Jonas, The Rock, Rita Ora, Sammy Hagar, George Clooney and partners) but none have received quite the same backlash as Kendall Jenner, who is being accused of cultural appropriation. The conversation has been revived because of a new ad for her brand and the KarJenners long history with swiping things for clout and never giving credit. I don’t think this latest backlash is unexpected and it’s all part of their playbook, they thrive on it. But there is a larger story on how these spirit brands, usually tied to larger alcohol corporations, have co-opted a drink with immense cultural significance. For more, I recommend this Refinery29 piece by Andrea Aliseda.