In today’s intro, Lainey wrote about boy bands and solo success. For some of them, going it alone helps them realize that their talent and fame is inextricably linked to their place in that specific band. That revelation is called a reunion tour. 


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John David Washington is starring in the new Spike Lee film, BlacKkKlansman. He has been on Ballers for years, but he hasn’t hit the fame tipping point yet. Will this movie do it?

Katherine Heigl is now filming for Suits (the show I only know about because of Meghan Markle). It’s her third major TV role since leaving Grey’s: she starred in State of Affairs and Doubt. Both flopped. Can Suits be a win for her? 


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I read this story about Zandy and Lea’s “very private” proposal and was confused. The only thing private about it is that there was no jumbotron involved. But how is quickly posting a picture considered discreet? 


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Lea also shared a FaceTime with Emma Roberts and Evan Peters. When Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen broke up, there were rumours that he was involved with Emma Roberts. If that was true, it’s not anymore. And Rachel Bilson was in Vancouver this month (where I live) and my friend has spotted Hayden Christensen in her neighbourhood. Maybe he’s up here visiting with their daughter, conscious uncoupling style?

Emma Roberts

Miranda Lambert is not hiding from the gossip about her new relationship – check out her T-shirt: “Do no harm but take no bull.” It’s not quite as direct as “A Low Vera” but it’s still communication through clothing. Usually a set of clear pap shots would be next, but is that her style? I’m thinking it will be something different, like a duet on stage.


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After Michelle Wolf killed it at the WHCD, Dennis Miller said she was horrible and he was going to write some mean jokes about her… in a few days. I can guarantee that the countdown to these “jokes” is better than anything he will come up with (if he even follows up on it.)