Lizzo is getting ready for her tour and took a quick minute to celebrate her birthday, with good wishes from Beyoncé. The tweet made me laugh because as we know, Team Ivy Park gets all of the photos. How? Where? Are they contacting people’s families directly? Are they looking through newborn baby announcement archives in local papers? How do they get these photos?!!


This headline about Gwen Stefani caught my eye because it mentioned baseball. I’m in the middle of my first baseball season and it’s killing me because it’s literally 7 days a week of practices and games. I’m at the park basically after work until bedtime (I go to bed really early). According to the Daily Mail, Gwen and Gavin Rossdale were both at baseball and ignored each other. This happens sometimes at our games with parents who are not together. One dad will even sit on the opposing team bleachers if his ex gets there first. So even if his kid is on the home team, he will sit with the away parents. That’s commitment to not speaking to your ex. More about Gwen: she posted these from New York. Getting ready for the Met Gala?


Jennifer Connelly has joined Instagram and this must be for work (Top Gun: Maverick), because there’s really no other reason to start a social media account right now. Instagram is in decline and she’s never been the kind of celebrity to court attention just for fun. It’s also interesting timing considering her husband has been in the news and tied to the messy as f-ck headines around the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial. 


Andy Cohen announced the birth of his daughter Lucy on social media over the weekend and from a work perspective, this is interesting as Andy has been cramming in Bravo reunion tapings in March/April. It makes sense now as he was preparing for her.

Last night, Lainey texted me about Top Gun and so I think she will appreciate this photo. Tom looks good. It’s the hair! The long hair softens him.


The Rock and Kevin Hart’s tequila posts came up back-to-back on my feed. The Rock has teamed up with Mast-Jägermeister and Kevin is with Proximo Spirits, so the business models are quite similar – celebrity face with a conglomerate behind the scenes, with both positioning themselves as artisanal and small batch. The Rock’s caption uses the words clean and crisp and Kevin Hart’s uses the word clear. The marketing team Slack is probably going off.