I feel like we need a Demi Lovato catch up: they came out as non-binary, writing to fans and followers: “I am proud to let you know that I identify as non-binary and will officially be changing my pronouns to they/them moving forward.” They also have a very intriguing new project, Unidentified, a show that will investigate the existence of UFOs. A few years ago, this would have been laughable, but did you see the 60 Minutes report last week? It was serious. 


Khaki and green is a common colour combination but what I like is that Uzo Aduba and her stylist played with the shade of green instead of defaulting to the usual army green. This blouse (which I would describe as Kelly green) makes it pop. Super fresh.


Tracee Ellis Ross’s style is always top-tier and this latex-wrapped ponytail is no exception, particularly paired with the Chanel. 

Naomi Campbell dropped her baby news and continued posting on social media with no further details and I think if we do get details, it will be through a legacy publication (as some of you have mentioned, British Vogue is the top candidate). 


There’s so much Bennifer excitement that we have to remain diligent about fake news. US Weekly has a headline that Jen and Ben are taking it slow, with a “source” telling PEOPLE, “It’s very clear they’ve fallen for each other again in a very intense way, but they don’t want to jinx anything by attaching labels or putting themselves under too much pressure.” No. I rebuke this! We know Jennifer Lopez, we have been studying Jennifer Lopez for years and we have had a front-row seat to her love life. Neither of them take it slow or reject labels. That’s what makes them Bennifer.

Henry Golding, hot dad of summer. 


Drew Barrymore is guest co-hosting CBS This Morning alongside Gayle King, which is great cross-promotion for her show. Launching during a pandemic, when network TV ratings were down across the board, had to be incredibly difficult and with the second season renewal, the focus is getting the numbers up – Hot Bench (which Drew’s show replaced in many markets) had higher ratings. 

Holy sh-t, this is a breaking story. Multiple people have been charged with murder over the death of Diego Maradona. TMZ has the story.