Holly Marie Combs has been against the Charmed reboot from day one. (Alyssa Milano, Shannen Doherty, and Rose McGowan have all said they aren’t pleased about it either.) Holly first said that the reboot wouldn’t work because the cast rewrote scripts in their own voice, and has gone on to tweet that recasting a show that went off the air 12 years ago is ageism. I see her point, but I also understand the need to refresh and revitalize a cast (especially for the CW’s demographic), and more diverse actresses should always be on the table. Does it have to be an either/or situation? No, it shouldn’t be. But her reaction feels much more personal than business. It’s interesting because the original cast had a major change (Rose replaced Shannon) and the show went on. That’s kind of integral to long-running TV shows – freshness.

Speaking of reboots, Whitney Cummings is out as Roseanne’s showrunner. The news broke in the thick of royal wedding madness, so it hasn’t gotten much play. But I find it interesting.

Yesterday, Lainey trolled me with a post about the Beckhams post-wedding appearances. Victoria had a work breakfast and David flew to Japan with son Brooklyn for dinner with Jiro. This had to have been planned in advance, right? There’s no way you are rolling up to Sukiyabashi Jiro without some advanced notice. It’s not like he and Victoria were clearly fighting at the wedding and he hopped a plane to Japan. Right?


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Dior held a huge party in London (maybe to capitalize on all the people in town for the wedding?) and Guy Ritchie and his wife Jacquie attended. It’s so interesting that his first wife was Madonna and his second wife dresses like a cast member from Ladies of London. 


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I vividly remember this cover. 


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Maybe it’s because I’m over Khaleesi as a character or my general Star Wars malaise, but I find Emilia Clarke the same kind of dull as Alicia Vikander and January Jones (when people used to interview her) – no seasoning on that meat. The writer here stretches to give her some personality, like “Clarke’s upbringing in the bucolic countryside an hour outside of London couldn’t be farther from the dysfunctional family dynamics that forged the orphaned Daenerys.” Um yes, most people have an upbringing different from the Targaryens, who engaged in 300 years of sibling incest to keep the bloodline pure. 


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When you share a colorist and a plastic surgeon with your squad.


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Are you watching Younger? If you like Jane the Virgin or Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, find it. The marketing leans into the romantic relationships but at its core, it’s a show about women forging careers while being simultaneously too young to be taken seriously and too old to be given new opportunities. Also the styling (Patricia Fields is a costume consultant) is sick. 


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