“Sex gifs.” Did he post this as a joke? A request? An accidental DM? A text gone wrong? And does he (or anyone else) really know how to pronounce “gif”?

Gwyneth was interviewed by Howard Stern yesterday. I enjoy his interview style because he’s specific in his follow-up (and pretty gossipy -- he loves big names). But Howard didn’t do enough research this time: he had no clue who Brad Falchuck is. He had to ask her basic questions, like if Brad’s ever been married and what he has done besides Glee. So when G talked about meeting Brad on the set of Glee, there was no followup, because Howard didn’t put together that both were still married at the time. I would have loved to hear that followup question and answer. She also said that the engagement party was the big celebration and the wedding will be smaller. Will she give her photos to Vogue, or save it for a goop magazine special issue?

For Hilaria and Alec’s 4th baby, my name guess was Lucaor Cruz. They named him Romeo. I think I was close. Duana, was I close?

Why isn’t Rihanna on the Ocean’s 8 press tour? Will she be at the premiere? We didn’t get it at the Met Gala even though Mindy, Anne, Sandra, Sarah Paulson and obviously Rihanna were there. Maybe promoting projects is forbidden on the red carpet? And they weren’t all wearing the same designer, which probably plays into what is permitted on the red carpet as well.


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Amber Tamblyn sums up the internet today.



I will begrudgingly admit I kind of chuckled at this. 


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Major Gallagher update: Liam has met his daughter Molly for the first time since she was an infant. (He also has another daughter, Gemma, from whom he is still estranged.) This is huge. About a year ago, Molly posted a photo on Instagram with “uncle Noel". She definitely has the Gallagher gene for drama, thank god. 


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