Naomi Campbell’s birthday posts are an archive of decades of fashion. She should be a Met Gala theme one year. 


Brad Goreski went from Housewives viewer to part of the ecosystem – fans and Housewives themselves love these videos. If they have a fight or event and Brad doesn’t parody it, it’s not part of the conversation. 


PEOPLE ran an odd fluff piece on Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez’s engagement. First off, a source quoted is an acquaintance (so it’s someone who is admittedly not in their inner circle) and the word used is “relieved.” Were people worried that this billionaire would marry the woman he had an affair with? Like, was this keeping people up at night????? This quote killed me too: “He has all the money in the world and what was missing was someone to share it with and everybody on both sides is very happy." He did have someone to share it with – his wife MacKenzie. He literally had to share their money because they were married for many years.


Busy Philipps’s posting style has influenced a lot of what we see on Instagram, particularly in Stories. There’s a whole lot of info on how she did it in her book but considering she is separated (which presumably means she’s getting divorced) she hasn’t been oversharing. She’s sharing as usual but keeping her marriage out of it but I do wonder if we will get a second book out of it, once the dust settles, because it hasn’t just been divorce: her talk show was canceled, she moved to NYC and she split from her husband. That’s a memoir. 


Cardi B. is also in the booze game with vodka-infused whipped cream and you know what? This is on brand!

Is an “engagement anniversary” still acknowledged or celebrated after a wedding? Or is it replaced with a wedding anniversary?