“Physical alterations” was a big topic on social media over the weekend and of course it was done purposefully to maximize attention. But Cheyenne Jackson’s post is different because it cuts to they WHY of it – why was he ashamed about his hair transplants? Why did he do it in the first place? In his caption he wrote, “Being a vain actor in an industry that rewards beauty, I vowed to keep this my secret forever.” He might be ashamed about it, but he’s not wrong. He is in an industry that rewards things like hair, for men and women. And for every handsome baldy like Stanley Tucci there are 10 guys who are staring into the sink, counting their lost hairs or shining a light on their scalps to see the bald spots. You can’t fault them for it. But my favourite part of the post was how he described his big reveal to the hair and makeup crews he worked with on set, people who generally weren’t shocked and didn’t care one bit. I’m sure they’ve seen many scars behind the ears.


They will never confirm it, but it’s been reported (by outlets like E!) that Rooney Mara is pregnant. Do you remember that interview Joaquin gave and he talked about childhood smelling like rotting bananas? He told Will Ferrell, “And I feel like, if you wanted to know what it’s like to have kids, you could get a banana and throw it on your bed for a few weeks, then you’d kind of know what you’re going to be dealing with. Because bananas are basically—that’s what toddlers eat, right?” He grew up with 5 siblings and has nieces and nephews, so that sounds right. Do you think he’s going method with parenting and placing bananas all over the house? Seriously though, I really want to know the name and we might never get it. I can’t even take a guess.

Naomi Campbell loves a party. Naomi Campbell deserves a party! The first post-quarantine blow-out has to be her 50th birthday. 

Dwyane Wade’s red hair has the Rodman stamp of approval. Now that The Last Dance is over, who do you think fared best out of all the players and journalists and side characters? I enjoyed Rodman the most and, not knowing much about his playing days, my perception of him changed the most. 


Part of what quarantine photo shoots have shown is how utterly uncreative celebrities can be when left to their own devices. Art directors matter.

André Leon Talley continues to promote his book, The Chiffon Trenches, and this interview with Hadley Freeman in The Guardian is interesting because it cuts to the transactional nature of his relationship with Anna Wintour – as much as she used him, he was using her. It also notes that Anna saw an advance copy of the book and only asked him to delete some details about her children, which he did. The reputation of the Ice Queen has always worked for her and because people always say she’s untouchable, it has made her untouchable. There’s been movies made about how important she is. Several, actually. Why would anyone think she doesn’t love that?