Sometimes a sports story (even for a subjectively boring sport like golf) turns into a gossip story, and this is exactly what happened here. Spiked cleats and a long-simmering feud and an epic eye roll (seriously, Brooks Koepka has a talent) turned this interrupted interview into a Twitter story. The Golf Industrial Complex is obsessed with unwritten rules and the image of the players and the reputation of the sport, so this is a ripple on Twitter but it is the top story on the Golf Channel. The obsession with reputation is precisely why we get so much good gossip out of the sport (like Tiger Woods, Justin Thomas and Paulina Gretzky).


Lindsay Lohan is starring in a Netflix holiday rom-com. This is exactly the right move for all of the reasons NPR host Linda Holmes points out. Netflix is also a perfect medium for Lindsay because it doesn’t require audiences to seek out her work – for most of us, it will be at our fingertips. And we can watch it together. At Christmas. People already want this and are rooting for her so all she needs to do now is show up. I genuinely hope she can do it because she’s a charming actress when she’s focused and prepared.  


Elliot Page shared his first swim trunks but also abs!!!! Social media was not ready for the 8 pack. 

Ian Somerhalder posted a tribute to Nikki Reed for something that’s usually not spoken about so openly in gushing love posts: her helping him get out of debt. He made a poor investment (I believe it was a production company) and got into financial trouble and she worked to untangle him from it, taking on the stress and responsibility. Many celebrities (actors, athletes, reality stars) come into a huge sum of cash from a project and make poor investments, spurred by bad advice or manipulation or inexperience or rash decisions. Most just don’t publicize it because money is still an embarrassing thing to talk about and no one wants to hear about someone they perceive as “rich” having problems but this absolutely does happen, all the time, and not just in a Johnny Depp way. It’s a good thing that he appreciates her sacrifice and says so publicly.


So many “firsts,” so few lines. 


Chrissy Teigen hasn’t posted on social media since May 11, but John Legend continues to do so, mostly around The Voice. Social media has been a huge part of her work and there have been multiple stories of deals around her Cravings line falling apart (none of which she can confirm or dispute right now). But if she wants to continue the line, considering how much investment she put into it over the last few years (including building a test kitchen and looking for restaurant space in New York), Instagram will be critical to the business. So how does she re-enter? If you were on her team, what would you be telling her?