Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas have only been together for a couple of years? It really does feel like a lifetime. 


A few of you have messaged me about Lea Michele’s photo shoots and yes, of course. What did we expect? Subtlety was never an option.

Lana Del Rey has posted a video to go with her comments to support her Instagram post. Is that ever effective? Think about not just this but other controversial celebrity posts – what does the follow-up accomplish? Has it ever cleared up a point or does it make it even more messy and convoluted? It rarely ever changes anyone’s mind. And with Lana, I wonder … why does she want to change people’s minds? 


Victoria Beckham’s teenage sons are in a photo posting competition over their mum – who has the best throwbacks? Cruz is really pulling from the archives.

The pandemic has brought a lot of personal interest stories into the home, like The Cut’s story on a “sex-positive intentional community” in Bushwick that deals with risk and contact, self-quarantining, orgies, sharing a kitchen, bringing in new partners – the Zoom meetings go on for hours. If this were a reality show it would be Real World: Poly House Pandemic. (Pictured is Jamie Chung, who has nothing to do with the story but she was on Real World and is getting her light.)