Timothée Chamalet getting cast in a new project is not exactly news (it seems like he’s in everything right now) but why another Willy Wonka project? Is a Willy origin story in demand?  Who is demanding more Willy Wonka content? 


This is Jake Gyllenhaal’s second collaboration with New York institution Russ & Daughters – the first one sold out and is even being knocked off on certain shady shopping sites. I want a Russ & Daughters t-shirt (not even this collab, just a regular one!) and can’t get it shipped to Canada. 

Derek Blasberg and his partner Nick Brown are new dads – of twins. Grace and Noah, classic names. It’s been a pandemic baby boom. 


Add to that Emmy Rossum, who had a baby and then released her maternity shoot photos. For those of us who lived through the Mommy Mafia of the 2010(ish) era, this is so different than how most celebrities would do it back then. Remember sponsored pregnancy test posts? You barely see those anymore outside of reality TV casts.


This morning Lainey wrote about Anthony Ramos and it reminded me that a reader wrote in worried about him and his fiancée, Jasmine Cephas Jones. I can understand their worry but she just posted about him today, so I think all good?


Chris Noth will reportedly be back in SATC 3 but that doesn’t tell us much – Aidan was in part two for just a few minutes, wedged in nonsensically. I’d like to see Big go out in huge way, like being arrested for a white collar crime.