It’s that time of year when spiders are everywhere –is it because of the warmer weather? The dryness? I’m not really sure. But there’s daddy long legs, and then there’s this. Which Brooklyn Decker has found more than once. 


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PEOPLE’s editorial director Jess Cagle was married over the weekend – Andy Cohen, SJP, Matthew Broderick, Armie Hammer and Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello attended. And I’m calling Armie as the 2019 SMA. 


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Is this caption a play on the word “foreshadowing?” That’s a lot of effort for very little return. 


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January Jones was shamed (by her sister) for her butt cleavage. The children probably didn’t notice the shorts, but her sis may have saved January from getting a sliver in her ass from those wood stools. 


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How long until some lower-tier tabloid tries to make Bella Hadid and Tom Brady attending an event at the same place into a story?


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Chrissy Teigen made a very rare social media misstep. She got involved, however innocuously, in the latest drama with Kanye, Kim Kardashian, and Rhymefest. Basically Chrissy jumped in with a very popular GIF of Kim that is often used to indicate listening in on a fight. But Rhymefest co-wrote "Glory", the song for which John and Common won an Oscar, which many people were quick to point out. Chrissy then tried to clarify that she isn’t taking sides and was just watching the drama unfold (as everyone else was). Kanye is radioactive right now on social media, Chrissy knows this. Was she trying to be loyal and accidentally became messy?