Like statues, wax figures can go awry. People are hating on Ariana Grande’s figure at Madame Tussaud’s and I guess it’s weird looking, but it’s made of wax, so that’s kind of a given. Why are people’s expectations for these figures so high?


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Tiger Woods is 10 years younger than Janet, which isn’t a knock on Tiger, it’s just that Janet looks incredible. 


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Finn Wolfhard for Saint Laurent is perfectly fine, but how can anyone follow Keanu Reeves? It’s almost unfair to the kid. 


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How far are we from a line of Seth Rogen Ceramics? I feel like I’m going to see these selling at a pottery shop on Vancouver Island (very niche observation, you get it if you live in BC). 


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Have you seen the Red Nose Day Coldplay and Game of Thrones musical crossover? My understanding is that it’s from 2015 but it is making its US debut. Rastafarian Targaryen cracked me up. Part of what makes this so funny is that you know in a few years someone is going to pitch something like this as a reboot. (Also the only reason I found this is because I was poking around for an update on Kit Harington and Rose Leslie. The story about him having some issues came and went pretty quickly, and they were together in April at the Game of Thrones premiere. So I guess they are all good.)

Diane Keaton could totally be a celebrity fashion blogger, all she needs is the #OOTD tags. 


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Saw this story about a new series at Amazon starring Lisa Kudrow (whose work beyond Friends is underrated) and Greg Kinnear. It will also star Martin Short (!!!!) and Whitney Cummings (she was the showrunner on the first season of the Roseanne reboot and quit before the sh-t hit the fan) who co-created the show along with Lee Daniels. It’s about a college ombudsman’s office in the #MeToo era called Good People, so it’s obviously timely. Will it be amazing? Who knows, but there is a lot of experience behind it. The only thing that trips me up is the title, Good People. There’s already The Good Place, Good Girls, The Good Doctor and The Good Fight. Mind you, all of those shows are considered good, so maybe the title is predictive?


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