Sofia Richie is 21 and reportedly single – finally! Who can we Gossip Genie her with? My first pick is Noah Centineo (he seems to be single, too). Come on. This would be great. 


Page Six continues to have the scoop on Mary-Kate and Olivier Sarkozy, the latest story being that MK didn’t want to quarantine with Olivier’s family in Bridgehampton (his family includes his children, ex-wife, and mother). So now he’s living with his ex Charlotte Bernard, which a source chalks up to a cultural difference, which is a continuation of the “French ugly” story from earlier in the week. To be clear, there’s no disagreement about the ex (Charlotte attended their wedding and has stayed overnight at their home) but MK didn’t want to indefinitely quarantine with her. According to the source, as soon MK left the home in April, the family moved in and are enjoying “long lunches” while MK is renting yet another home in the Hamptons. But who gets custody of the bowls of cigarettes?

Maybe you’ve read the story about a YouTuber/mommy influencer who has rehomed her adopted son due to what she says are developmental issues that overwhelmed her family. I’m not going to assess her parenting (or lack thereof) but rather the business aspect of it because she works with brands like Fabletics and Good America, sponsorships that are based on the audience she has built up for her posts about parenting (the children often appear in the posts). So does she have a fiscal responsibility to this boy, seeing as his adoption was used to build her audience and make her money? He, essentially, was as a branding tool and she has recent photos of him up; if the YouTube series about his adoption is still live, she’s making money from those views. Now some would say that maybe that money went to his care, but kids are not meant to be financially independent – they don’t get a bill at the end of their childhood. And this isn’t a question of this one family but all of the parents who are using their kids for content – are they splitting the proceeds? Will there one day be mini-influencer financial protection laws like they have for child actors? (The photo is of Sara Foster; it’s a sponsored post about her daughter’s birthday party.)


Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler’s divorce continues with some vague story about him being “shady”– is this a warning shot? Maybe she has something on him she’s holding onto if he doesn’t play nice. 

If you think about it, Liam Gallagher has the same issue with the tabloids as the British royal family – invasion of privacy concerning their children. Whose strategy is more effective?