Naomi Campbell seems to never forget a birthday for her friends (in fashion, film, music, in front of the camera and behind the scenes) so it’s no surprise there’s an outpouring of affection for her this year, particularly as she is a new mom. Now what can she do with all these flowers? There are just so many vases. If you had to buy Naomi a gift, what would you get? This is a great “impossible to buy for exercise” – think of someone who has everything and then try to come up with a gift. 


Yesterday I screenshot that Diddy post because you never know when it could be deleted, but I kind of love that he is participating in the gossip. This story is irresistible. (I think he’s trolling, but in a loving way.) Jennifer met up with another ex, Marc Anthony, which is of course normal as they share children and have remained pretty good friends and sometimes collaborate on music. But let’s be real – JLo is the ex who always has her calls answered, her texts immediately returned. That probably happens even when it isn’t an ex. Remember when James Corden texted Leonardo DiCaprio from her phone? Immediate reply. Instant. 


Flip to the second slide and laugh as hard as I did. Nick Kroll is a scamp. 

I dare anyone to try to watch this less than 15 times. “I wanna mosh Trav.” 


Strapless, extremely pink terrycloth dresses from Victoria’s Secret were once a thing and while that look is probably never coming back, the terrycloth dress might. This one on Tracee Ellis Ross is Bottega Veneta, described as a “toweling knit dress” in flamingo. Beautiful on her and maybe the beginning of the trend as Zara already has terrycloth dresses up on its site. 


The Gallagher brothers are usually reserved for the final slot on Fridays because it’s really a vibe for the weekend, but something curious has happened – Liam deleted an insult to Noel. The insult is of course par for the course (“potato” is not exactly a term of endearment) but Liam doesn’t usually take things back. Obviously he was not hacked and he continued to tweet about Noel and Oasis. He has not taken a vow of silence about the whole thing. There is no high road. I think he deleted it to f-ck with us.