Ansel Elgort was feeling himself last night (either that, or the edibles kicked in); here’s  a sample of the 17 photos he posted. An Ansel montage, if you will. 


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Writer Rachel Syme posted this question on Twitter and there are lots of responses, but one stood out to me: Prep. I thought this was being adapted by HBO, but I guess that fell through. Right now, when I think of books being adapted into series, I think of Reese Witherspoon, who has made a concerted effort to secure titles she wants (right now she’s working on Celeste Ng’s Little Fires Everywhere). Reese, do Prep next!


Have you heard of ab surgery? I’m not talking about lipo (which I assumed was the go-to for people who want definition in that area), but actual 6-pack implants. If you Google it, you will be amazed at what comes up. Maybe a little disturbed, too. Here’s a photo of Jason Derulo and I’m not at all implying that he’s had 6-pack surgery; he looks very fit all over. If you look at the before-and-after ab surgery photos online (and I’m warning you, you will go down a rabbit hole), it becomes obvious which ones are real and which ones are surgically enhanced.


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Sports are not my thing at all, but the drama in the locker room is entertaining (as are the documentaries). The Lakers are having major issues right now, and one story has stuck out to me. GM Rob Pelinka brought The Rock in for a “Genius Talk,” basically specialized Ted Talks for his locker room. In his introduction of The Rock, Pelinka told a pretty big lie about introducing Kobe Bryant to Heath Ledger years ago (so the two could discuss getting “locked in” on something). The problem is that people fact checked it and the dates don’t make sense, obviously. Embarrassing and so petty, which makes for good gossip.

Does Harry Styles ever get tired of wearing Gucci? Does he ever switch it up with Hanes sweatpants and a stretched-out white t-shirt?


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Where can one procure a C-nt fan?


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Danny Boyle is producing Alan McGee’s biopic, Creation Stories. McGee is the person who discovered and signed Oasis, so you know where I’m going with this right? They are looking for someone to play Liam Gallagher. Who could do my problematic favourite justice? Maybe Richard Madden. Look at this photo. He looks like he could play either brother.


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