Some personal news: I tried Raising Cane’s for the first time yesterday (I know, I’m late on this) and I’m still thinking about it today. I’m not even a chicken finger person per se but there’s a reason it’s exploding – the breading is perfect. Its marketing department knows what’s up, too. Landing Ariana Madix before the very highly rated Vanderpump Rules reunion was smart. 


So I think the Kardashians are pivoting to fertility influencers (there is a notable uptick in their headlines around this) and my feeling on it is that unless they are talking about abortion rights (which Kim has) or paid maternity leave in the US, can they please STFU and stop being blood-sucking ghouls just this one time. And if you think this is being harsh, please keep in mind this is what they do: brush up against a cause without actually engaging with it and trying to get all the credit for being “candid.” With this, motherhood is the shield they use. 


“Who is Matty Healy?” by Jia Tolentino might be a watershed moment for the kissing bandit. The Swifties are melting down but his star continues to rise. 


You know how else Matty has made it? In an interview with Spin, Noel Gallagher was asked about Matty’s comments about Oasis (he said they should get back together) and Noel called him a “slack-jawed f-ckwit. Are you even a rock star if Noel hasn’t insulted you? Noel also said Matty’s band is sh-t and should split up. Classic Noel. 


John Stamos went on a podcast and talked about being upset that the Olsen twins did not participate in the Fuller House reboot and, um, how did he even think this was a remote possibility? It’s been years since they acted and they were well into their work with The Row. It seems like Bob Saget was the person who kept that cast connected and if I was an Olsen, I’d be putting Uncle Jesse on an information diet as he seems to like to spill whenever he gets the chance and he knows that mentioning them is guaranteed headlines. But, am I excited they brought him a frozen pork chop and sage? Yes, because it’s now alongside the “bowls of cigarettes” at Mary-Kate’s wedding: a pop culture footnote we will reference for years to come. 


OK, this is interesting timing. Hailee Steinfeld is dating NFL quarterback Josh Allen, which in and of itself isn’t a huge story. The bigger pictures it that the words “recently split” have come up a lot – meaning he recently split from his long-time girlfriend. Also interesting that these photos of them are pretty clear and the story in PEOPLE dovetails with her recent digital cover.