Can someone please explain to Whitney Cummings that she works for Roseanne.

Curtis Sittenfeld’s new book, You Think It, I’ll Say It, is a collection of short stores – I read it last weekend and loved it. I’m very interested to see how Reese develops it into a TV series –will there be a thread to connect the experiences and characters, or will each story stand alone? Kristen Wiig is attached to star, and Curtis told Vulture that although they are in the early stages of development, the team is hoping it is a multi-season pick-up. That seems to be part of Reese’s strategy with Apple – they’ve already committed to two seasons of Top of the Morning

The Met Gala is Monday – I’ve been looking at a lot of photos, like this Vogue slide of runway looks inspired by religious imagery. The theme this year is accessible and shouldn’t be too hard to adhere to. So why am I already anticipating so many fails?

Erin and Sara Foster gave an interview to US Weekly in which they talked about their famous friends (to promote their work with Bumble’s new feature, Bumble BFF). Clearly this would have been pre-approved by Kate Hudson, Nicole Richie and Jen Meyer. And what did we learn? Kate is the go-to for fashion advice, Jen Meyer is the non-judgemental mom, and Nicole Richie hates gossip and won’t engage in it. Not even to show her frenemy’s sex tape to a room full of people?


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Have you listened to the goop podcast with Gwyneth Paltrow and her mom, Blythe Danner? Mother/daughter dynamics are always interesting, no matter the family. What struck me about Blythe is how complimentary she is towards Gwyneth. Blythe takes every question as an opportunity to enthusiastically praise every detail about her daughter – G is a natural, the best at everything, the most evolved. Blythe calls her a “mogul” and talks about handbag G bought her. It’s like the direct opposite of Tiger Mom parenting. 


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