Paper Magazine doesn’t need to wait long – we will see Harry Styles on Monday at the MET Gala. He will be a focal point and, according to Anna Wintour, he’ll be in Gucci. The way she compares him to Mick Jagger, she almost seems giddy. Or as close as Anna gets to giddy.



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A living legend, an icon and an inspiration. Did I mention this was at LAX? She made it through security and to her gate in 15 minutes. 

“The Revengers” promo for The Hustle, which premieres May 10, is clever. That means it’s going up against Avengers (people seeing it for the second or third time) and Detective Pikachu. From a marketing perspective, it’s positioning itself as an alternative to that. But over the last few days, it’s been getting attention for a “commercial” that ran in middle of the Real Housewives of New York. It was absolutely bizarre – two women from the show went to see an “advanced screening” of it (in an empty theatre) and then had a full conversation about it, mentioning the actors by name. It was jarring to watch, even though Housewives are always shilling meal replacements and dusters and jewellery lines, but at least that is their own. I half expected Rebel Wilson to be in the background in sunglasses and a big hat. Many recaps noted it and everyone agrees it was terrible, but everyone is talking about it. So does that still count as a win for marketing?


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Debra Messing posted this photo and now everyone is arguing about whether or not she’s had work done. (If she has, who cares.) She clearly has her makeup done and says in the comments (many times) this is contouring. Whatever the case, if someone has had work done, and you don’t like the work, what is the point of telling them. It’s too late. 


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Samwell Tarley gives something away here, you see him hesitate and flush for a second, but he keeps going. You’ve been warned. 


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The other day, Lea Michele posted a reminder of her engagement and I left it alone because we know she’s a bride poster – someone who will use their wedding photos for every occasion. But this is too easy.  What best friends wouldn’t dance with you at your wedding?! “Find a best friend who will do the bare minimum with you at a party.” You just liked this shot of your dress, Lea.


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There’s been pap pictures floating around that possibly spoil the ending of Jane the Virgin and a few cast might have inadvertintely posted photos as well. There’s Team Michael and Team Rafael and it seems almost evenly split, so half of the audience is going to be disappointed. But here’s a question: is Jane disappointing you this season? There’s been a lot of fan discussion about her growth, or lack thereof, since the beginning of the series.


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