Jameela Jamil has thoughts on the Met Gala and while Jamil can be a frustrating person, interrogation is a good thing. More to that, I’d read Rachel Tashjian, formerly of Harper’s BAZAAR and now at The Washington Post. Her piece on Karl Lagerfeld is nuanced, insightful and adds a ton of fashion world context (she’s one of the best reporters working today).

Of course the Peltz-Beckhams were at the Met Gala but I didn’t look for them specifically, I was actually checking on David’s birthday wishes. The Beckhams go all out for birthdays and this year is no different. As for their Met Gala look, it’s not a fail but it’s not a hit either – kind of generic.

Kevin Costner has drama on the work front with Yellowstone and on the home front as he is getting divorced. I don’t have any insight or gossip about this but I do want to point out the photo choice here on TMZ. Why is his hair purple?! Kevin Costner has a pretty steady aesthetic so where did this photo come from and why did the editor choose it?! It’s so emo.

The charges against Alec Baldwin have been dropped and he has completed filming on Rust. Who will actually distribute this movie, I don’t know. Are critics going to review it? Will audiences watch it?

Like Serena Williams, Karlie Kloss revealed her pregnancy at the Met Gala and also gave a nod to her much-parodied “looking camp right in the eye” post. She did not in fact look camp in the eye. She didn’t even glance at it. 

We are nearing the end and still this gave me the f-cking CHILLS.

Kate Hudson is always on the red carpet circuit but skipped the Met Gala this year. Maybe she’s on set or too busy planning her wedding.