Valentino made custom bags for a bunch of celebrities like Brie Larson, Reese 
Witherspoon, and Jessica Alba. Great publicity for the design house, of course. But if we look at the bags themselves – a little tacky right? I love monogram because it’s subtle. This looks hand-painted, not stitched, and combined with the quilted texture and the studs, and the fact that it’s a top handle and not a cross-body, I think this bag could actually ruin an outfit. Maybe that’s why JLo carried hers to the gym.


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The Wedding Year starring Sarah Hyland is shooting right now. Per Variety, “Hyland will portray a Los Angeles photographer who’s never getting married. So, when she and her new ready-to-settle-down boyfriend are invited to 15 weddings in the same year, the pressure is on to make some big decisions.” That’s a lot of rom-com tropes which I am not mad at.


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Bella Hadid continues to be the only person who can make tiny sunglasses work. 


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The other day I mentioned Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s new lifestyle site, Rose Inc. and how her editorial features like “what’s in my bag” and mention of cult products (like Caudalie elixir) are pretty common lifestyle markers. And a couple of weeks back, I talked about Rhea Wahlberg’s new bag line and blog. What do they have in common? The idea their celebrity equals a trustworthy voice, akin to a beauty editor who tests hundreds of products a year. For a real lifestyle editor, liking something is not enough to recommend it – there should be an element of usefulness for the reader. That’s why to me, both of these feel like vanity projects, and while I have time for Gwyneth’s vanity, I don’t have time for Rhea’s. This week, she posted her own “what’s in my bag” story (on her own blog, which is confusingly done under a brand named after her children) that features that Caudalie face spray mentioned above. (If they read more beauty blogs, they’d be recommending Pixi Glow Tonic.) 


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Why play hard to get when no one is trying to get you.


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Lindsay Lohan often references her nightclubs, but I don’t exactly know what that means. Does she make appearances? Does she own it? Is it a licensing agreement? If an intrepid reporter (I’m thinking from Jezebel or The Cut) were to travel to Mykonos to experience this club, I would be very willing to read their article. 


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