The Foo Fighters visited Graceland – do you think they had access to the parts that aren’t open to the public? This weekend, I’ll will be visiting another Presley home; Elvis and Priscilla’s honeymoon hideaway in Palm Springs. I want a mug that says, “Satnin’.”


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What’s the best part of nostalgia pieces – finding the obscure Kazaam lunch box you want, or showing off the Kazaam lunch box you tracked down? I’ve been searching for a Troop Beverly Hills shirt and when I get it, I am going to need to show it off. 


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When I’m working and want background noise, I put on terrible real estate shows that feature obnoxious agents who sell $6 million dollar white boxes with “a view” (9 times out of 10, it overlooks other houses or apartments). And there’s always a ridiculous selling feature, like a floating staircase (the worst!) or a closet with an island (which I think impedes getting dressed in the closet, the whole point of a walk-in). Is Rebel going to be on Millionaire Listing New York? Because I’d watch that. 


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As Lainey and I both mentioned earlier this week, Blake wiped her Instagram in anticipation of the A Simple Favor trailer. And now it’s dropped, on her Instagram. She certainly didn’t make people wait for the pay-off. The movie doesn’t come out until September, so will she keep up the Emily persona on her social media until then? 


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Big Sean and Jhene Aiko unfollowed, then refollowed, each other on Instagram. And it doesn’t appear that any couple photos were deleted. So, a fight? Temporary split? Or something bigger?


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She keyed the car, slashed the tires and carved her name into the seats –was there no one else in the parking lot? She did a lot of damage without anyone noticing. 

Jada Pinkett Smith is (back) on Instagram. Will Smith is taking credit, but she isn’t exactly new here – she had an account in 2012 but only posted one photo before deleting her account. Will, as we know, loves the ‘gram'. Will there be a Smith collaboration? Because that would be delightful.



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The Met Gala is Monday – are we ready? I will be particularly interested to see who Donatella dresses – Gaga? Madonna? Penelope Cruz? Will the supermodels who reunited for a tribute to Gianni work the red carpet together? And will Allegra, Donatella’s very private daughter, attend? My guess is yes – she doesn’t go to a lot of events, but she has been to the MET Gala in the past.