Hailee Steinfeld is only 22 and this will be her 9th Met Gala. (Why was she going at 13?) The new(ish) unofficial rule is that it’s 18+ because the museum got pissed when a bunch of celebrities posted social media photos from the bathroom and everyone was smoking. They blamed the teens, of course.


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Lena Dunham will also be there, and most likely Gigi Hadid too. Throw in a Martha Hunt and you have your Taylor Swift squad… without Taylor. She was seen in London yesterday so her fans don’t think she’ll be there. Which is surprising becuase Taylor’s new album look could be camp, if she embraced it. 


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As Lainey mentioned, a lot of the attendees will struggle tonight with the theme, but it won’t just be actresses. Many models won’t go “camp” but will stick with pretty, especially the models who don’t work runway.


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In a new interview, Mindy Kaling mentioned that BJ Novak is her daughter’s godfather. So, for me, that closes the lingering discussion around him being the father. Mindy is pretty aware of entertainment news chatter and would definitely know that people are curious, so I think this is her way of shutting it down without revealing any information.


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Justin Bieber really wants us to know he has a new song with Ed Sheeran in the works. I don’t know how Michael Jordan fits into that. 


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Continuity mistakes crack me up. These ones are especially great because they give all the salty book readers are reason to be even more mad at the TV show. 

If you’ve been reading about Dead to Me, it’s because it’s very good. Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini are excellent, and I liked the mix of traumedy and crime mystery. Also James Marsden is Tom Cruise back when Tom Cruise had a heartbeat. 


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Happy Monday from Liam Gallagher.