Like Lainey, I’m not all that interested in the gossip behind Bill and Melinda Gates and I think their divorce statement was released to calm the markets, not to appeal to the public. But we are clearly in the minority because it is being reported on like a celebrity split, with TMZ detailing how the announcement was supposed to go down (with Melinda and the family, minus Bill, on a secluded island). Is this going to be a thing? Like are we going to be checking if Bill Gates is on Raya?


This is interesting – Laura Lentz released her first statement since her husband, former Hillsong pastor Carl Lentz, was publicly caught cheating. She talks about the struggle she’s going through (obviously, this would be a devastating situation, whether she stays or leaves) and interestingly goes in on people who let her down (“I will not forget who abandoned us, but I choose to keep my heart free of bitterness and remain thankful for those who stayed and loved us”). That “us” is telling us the family stands united. So who is she talking about? The obvious suspect is the Biebers (who I will get to in a moment) but I would think they aren’t the only ones who backed away. The Lentzes had a lot of high profile friends, especially in the sports and celebrity pastor world – where did they all go? And about the Biebers: most headlines about Carl included Justin, so in Justin’s position, is it fair to judge him for backing away? None of the cheating allegations involved him, but his name was all over the scandal so why wouldn’t he want to disentangle himself from the story. And maybe, on a personal level, he’s disappointed in Carl, who was a mentor to him for so long. Cheating requires lying to not just a spouse, but typically to family and friends as well. This is why so often in these situations, everyone feels betrayed.


Mariah Carey will do anything to fully protect herself against COVID, even endure a regular lightbulb.


Kevin Hart and I have something in common. Like him, I cannot stand to hear people chew. It’s intolerable. And there’s a word for it – misophonia. For me, it goes beyond chewing – I can’t stand to hear snoring or heavy breathing. Truly cannot bear it. I wonder if this bothers Kevin as well.