Over the last few days, a radio interview with Khaled has resurfaced in which he talks about oral sex. Khaled, as the “king,” only receives from his wife (then girlfriend), and never gives. Now look, if Khaled doesn’t enjoy the downtown area, that is one thing. But I think the implication from the interview is that it’s emasculating in some way, and he is the only one who should be on the receiving end of a good time. There were some strong reactions about this from… Richard Marx and Dwayne Johnson. Do you think the next time Khaled and Nicole get into a fight, she will hit him with, “Why can’t you be more like The Rock?”



Wiz Khalifa has been commenting on some of Iggy’s photos. Is this going to be a thing?


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Channing Tatum drew some art on a napkin – a woman with antlers. The obvious take (which many people in the comments pointed out) is that he’s drawing Jenna. Since the split, he often “likes” her photos. She doesn’t do the same. 


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I feel like I’ve known Eva Longoria is pregnant for approximately 2 years. (It’s really only been about 5 months.)


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Josh Kelly got curved by Chris Evans.

Madonna has been showing off details of her Met Gala look tonight. But who will be dressing her?


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How long do you think it takes to style Harry’s hair? Half hour?


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An update on the brothers Gallagher. Last time we checked in, Liam had posted a screenshot of a conversation between Noel and his daughter, Anais. (I’ve included it below for reference.) No one knows how he got the screenshot. In an interview with The Guardian, Liam expressed no regrets about the post (obviously), and said he didn’t care if Noel or Anais got blowback on social media. Then Noel’s wife Sara, in defense of her stepdaughter and husband, called Liam a deplorable wanker. Liam has also claimed that Sara stole Noel’s passport as the group was about to embark on a tour, thus causing problems that led to Oasis’s breakup. (Because the band ran so smoothly before she came into the picture?) And these are the most recent pleasantries.



When a fan told Liam to keep it personal and off social media, Liam thanked him for his sage advice.