Diane Keaton is doing promo for the Book Club sequel and I love how it seems to all come down to, “We did the first one, and it was really fun. And then the second one was going to be in Europe.” This is the Adam Sandler Rule of Sequels – get a bunch of friends together and make it fun. As she told the NYT, “The movie’s fine,” Keaton said “I did what I could, you know, sort of.” When an actor is charismatic, that’s enough. (Also, I had not seen this TikTok and Ben Affleck looks like he’s trying not to burst out laughing.)


Rolling Stone may be feuding with The Weeknd but W Magazine is not! This promo tour is going to be so messy and I’m into it. 


The comment from Don Cheadle “Hated seeing you there, buddy” (peace sign emoji, heart emoji, middle finger emoji). That’s friendship. 


According to Page Six, Britney Spears’s memoir is working its way through legal, which I think is a usual part of the process. There’s speculation here that there are some nervous A-listers and while Justin Timberlake is an obvious one, I don’t think he’ll be the only name in the book. There’s a powerful A-lister who many blinds were written about at the time as he allegedly cheated on his AAA-list girlfriend with Brit. He’s known to be a charmer and it wouldn’t be the last time he hooked up with a younger star while in a committed relationship. IF that story is true, and it is part of the memoir, I could see his team trying very hard to quash it. Then it comes down to the question of protection (legally and publicly) not for these men, but for Britney. In this scenario, what serves her best and who is looking out for her best interest? 


Derek Jeter was single for most of his professional sports life and then after retirement got married and had children (they just had a fourth). We know the stories about professional athletes – there’s too many to count – so I can get behind this timeline. For players who want to enjoy the road and time in the spotlight, why drag a family into it? It’s not like they retire at 65 – most are in their 30s or 40s and still have lots of time to have kids. 

There was a ridiculous tweet (that got ratioed) about how Jesse Plemons shouldn’t be cast as a man who can attract beautiful women. UM, EXCUSE ME? Do not disrespect Landry.