Challenging myself to not throw up any Halloween pictures today, because some celebrities turned out multiple costumes and it is out of control. Unless it’s Beyoncé, do we need to see more? Beyond the costumes, there’s also multiple behind-the-scenes videos cataloguing hair and makeup and fittings – this isn’t the Met Gala. I’m really not that invested in anyone’s unicorn costume. 

Instead, let’s be in the moment – November 1. You know what that means? It’s Mimi Season!


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Was she crying because of the reviews


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There’s a superhero fantasy football league, and this week RDJ is up against Ryan Reynolds, so of course he made a charming smack-talk video.

But why does it look like it was filmed on a Motorola RAZR? Iron Man needs to visit one of those mall kiosks and upgrade his hardware.


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Lindsay Lohan is in Page Six because of Michael Lohan (are he and Thomas Markle in group text for Sh-tty Famewhore Dads?) talking about Lindsay’s relationship with Saudi Arabian prince, Mohammad bin Salman. Lindsay spends a lot of time in Dubai and still holds clout with a certain crowd (that reportedly, likes to give her lavish gifts). “One respected Middle Eastern scholar remarked to Page Six, “It is astonishing that America’s closest ties to MBS are through Lindsay Lohan and Jared Kushner.” That’s very scary. But there’s also a big difference between Lindsay Lohan and Jared Kushner: some people still like Lindsay. She has fans. She has friends. No one actually likes Jared Kushner. 


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Nick Lachey was on WWHL and was asked a very interesting question (submitted by podcaster Danny Pellegrino) about the awkwardness of fans talking to him about Newlyweds. And Nick’s answer is surprisingly self-aware; he acknowledges that the show gave him a chance to have a personality outside of the boyband mold and that popularity carries him to this day. But he obviously doesn’t love when he and Vanessa Minnillo are out and someone makes a Chicken of the Sea joke. As he points out, it’s been 15 years and it’s still at the forefront of some people’s minds. Unfortunately for him, early-aughts nostalgia is so strong that he will probably never hear the end of it.


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