Anne Hathaway for Vogue Hong Kong is reminding me of Priscilla Presley and I love it. There’s been a lot of talk about Barbiecore because of the upcoming Greta Gerwig movie but by the time that movie actually comes out, stylists will be tired of the all-pink looks and we will enter a Priscilla Presley Appreciation era thanks to Sofia Coppola. Lots of big hair pieces and winged eyeliner.


Halloween has a lot of lead time but once it’s over, it’s really over. We move on quickly. That said, there are a few costume standouts, like stylist and Real Housewives superfan Brad Goreski as Teresa Giudice (even if you don’t recognize the name, the hair probably rings a bell). And Florence Pugh looks like she attended a good old fashion house party and one of her friends dressed up as Miss Flo in Venice. LOL. 


It’s been only a few days since Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen announced that their divorce is finalized and there is no grey area. Like Halloween, it’s over. Last night a group of us took our kids out and we ran into several families (from the neighbourhood and sports) with divorced parents, all trick or treating together. My theory is that Halloween is a holiday that some divorced adults chose to tackle together because it’s outside (so, lots of physical space), the amount of time is limited (kids can’t trick or treat all night) and everyone has to keep it moving (with walking, stairs, holding the extra candy bag, watching for cars and costume adjustments). The focus is totally on the kids, who are hyper and not at all focused on their parents. I’d rather trick or treat with an ex than spend Christmas morning with them. Anyway, Tom and Gisele did not trick or treat together but he said on his podcast that his neighbourhood really does it up and he hoped no one recognized him. Is it me or is he getting a lot more personal lately?


One last Halloween costume: Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly as a priest (?) and she’s a worshiper (?). I don’t know, her outfit doesn’t look like a costume. There’s some “outrage” but come on, this is like two teenagers trying to be edgy. I’ve always found their PDA to be kind of tongue in cheek, like she knows how corny it is, but is that self-awareness? Or is this earnest?


Now how dumb would a person or company have to be to steal the image of one of the most famous and reputable women in the world and not think she would do something about it?