Ariana Grande showed up to Broadway and claimed her dickmatized crown.


Can we talk about Hailey Bieber’s Mean Girls costume? I’m super into it. A segment of Selenators branded her a mean girl so she’s taking that away from them. If there’s one things fandoms hate, it’s when their criticism is embraced as a joke.


Speaking of militant fandoms, the Gaylors are going through it ever since Taylor’s 1989 note about people sexualizing her friendships with women. You can see all the stages of grief play out – anger, bargaining, despair, hope and denial. Lots and lots of denial. 


No offence to The Rock but what is this costume? This is staggeringly low effort. If David Beckham hadn’t posted it, would you know it was supposed to be him? What is this Party City wig?????? Even the sunglasses are wrong!


There’s so much grossness to the way celebrity deaths are covered and the way some outlets are covering Matthew Perry’s death reminds me of Taylor Hawkins in the worst way. A lot of baseless assumptions to get the “story” out first but, as we learned from Taylor’s situation, so much of it was wrong. There’s just far too much private information being made public. There is no one, besides his family, that needs to know the results of his tests.


Malcolm Mulaney dressed as Olivia Munn’s mom last year and this is the BEST. A baby dressed as a grandparent will never not be adorable. 


Speaking of costumes, on November 1 you get a lot of “do kids not dress up anymore?” grousing. I have many things to say about this. First, costumes are hella expensive now! I spent $70 on an inflatable for a matching class costume and it broke about an hour after putting it on because the quality is garbage (Spirit Halloween, I will see you in hell!). Not every kid has access to costumes (or an adult who will help them make one, which is also not easy). Second, they can be very uncomfortable and considering the amount of walking done in such a short amount of time, the costumes get cumbersome and hot, so a lot of kids take them off from what I saw last night. Third, it’s a tiny chocolate bar. Give out candy or don’t give out candy but if someone is making the effort to knock and say trick or treat, they have fulfilled their end of the deal. Case closed. (Oh and I’m using a photo of Kate Hudson and Rani because these costumes are pretty intricate.)