There is nothing haughtier than a Martha Stewart comment, even when it’s factual. For example, someone commented on her tagines in the background and she responded, “I actually had a dinner for sixty guests and I own sixty Tagines.” That "actually" is doing so much work. And on this photo of her birds, someone commented that the enclosure is probably bigger than her apartment and Martha responded, “you are correct!” She’s not being sarcastic. 


This is the first COVID testing montage I’ve seen and it’s weirdly soothing.

We can get back to fun TikToks! Be the “slightly above average quirky shy girl” in your own movie. Star in a Lana Del Rey video of your own making. 

Ritz Carlton Duct and Vent Cleaning is available as well. 


CNN reported that Jared Kushner is telling the loser to accept that he lost. While I don’t doubt the reporting, I do question the Kushners’ motivation. Is this just a public-facing response so he and Ivanka can ingratiate themselves back into NYC society when the time comes? Surprised they haven’t yet slipped out of the backdoor with some of Jackie O.’s flatware stuffed into their pockets.

Beyoncé is collaborating with Peleton – huge for them. And it’s interesting because she was a big SoulCycle fan but her favourite instructor Angela Davis left in 2019 (her last class had a guest list that rivals the Met Gala). This, to me, means that Beyoncé possibly has a Peleton and is on the leaderboard. I could be in a class with  Beyoncé and not know it. This is motivating.