Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of those shows that might not have the biggest audience, but the fans are diehards – it was basically saved by a social media campaign. It’s gone through changes, too - what happened with Chelsea Peretti’s character Gina? When she left the show, she gave an interview to The Hollywood Reporter and this sticks out to me: “Well, it wasn't just a solo process. [Laughs.] I wasn't just like, "I'm leaving!" and I swing my cape. I can't get into the exact breakdown of how it all transpired, but it wasn't just my solo decision.” Is there a bit of a question mark with this? She seems to want to make it clear that she is not with the show anymore.

F is for “F-ck off!” 


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Do you watch IGTV? That’s Instagram TV and it’s yet another to attempt to “pivot to video.” (Thank goodness, it’s not like we have any TV to watch.) IGTV is supposed to compete with YouTube, and to encourage content from the most popular accounts, Instagram is paying production costs for videos for certain users (celebrities and influencers). Bloomberg is reporting that these videos cannot contain any political or social commentary.

Facebook (which I will never style it FACEBOOK, f-ck you Zuck) is overrun with political conversation (real and fake), so is Instagram trying to be a reprieve from that? Instagram is owned by Facebook, so one platform could essentially be driving people to another. Facebook creates the toxic political pit, and Instagram offers the escape from it. 


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Baby2Baby is a non-profit organization that provides essentials (like baby formula and diapers) to children living in poverty in the LA area. It is, of course, a very noble organization and many celebrities donate a lot of their time and energy to the organization, which includes a yearly gala. It’s always a great showing, and this year was no exception. But it’s also the worst-dressed event for some reason. These gowns belong on The Bachelor or at a Real Housewives reunion. 


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Gaga stans are mad at… Lady Gaga. 

Same energy. 


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