Cameron Diaz sold out her sister Nicole Richie, telling the world that Nic watches old Newlyweds episodes on YouTube. Nicole acknowledged as such in her Instagram stories and said she refuses to be shamed by her love of 2003 reality TV. So now I’m curious – did Nicole read Jessica Simpson’s biography, which TIME declared a must-read of 2020? I bet she did and if not, she should put it on her list. 


Christina Aguilera has signed with Roc Nation Management – does this mean new music is imminent? The change was made but not announced, it was fans who spotted it on the website. 

Pink was the quarantine hair colour of choice, it seemed like everyone tried it over the spring and summer. Maybe that’s why Ciara’s blue – icy for winter - is refreshing.


Isla Fisher got an Ivy Park x Adidas box. Here’s a list from the first round from back in January – there are a lot of names on there that didn’t seem to get one this time. I would watch a documentary on how that is decided.

Pre-election we got a dick pic and post-election we get a note. For inauguration can we find a happy medium, like a thirst trap with Dodger?


I don’t know if the timeline checks out but this feels right, no?

Last week, Lainey wrote about Eiza Gonzalez, who appears quite a bit on DeuxMoi. And the rumour is… Gerard Butler? Extremely random.

Netflix knows Emily in Paris is a hate watch and so this weekend, with news of a renewal, it leaned into that energy. The amount of anger and annoyance is exactly the kind of marketing this show needs. You can’t be earnest with a show everyone eye rolls.