The first And Just Like That teaser has dropped, setting up for the December 9 release date. There’s no surprises here – we’ve seen Big and Natasha and half the outfits in the pap photos. But no one is looking for them to break the mold. It’s about nostalgia, from the gasps (Carrie is always gasping) to the outfits that cost in the thousands to the relationships. Of course the big question is, will the series address Samantha’s absence? Did she move back to LA (which is absolutely on brand for her)? Is she estranged from them? For a show about the bond of female friendship, I’m curious to see how they handle it.


Kim Cattrall has joined the cast of How I Met Your Father and I’m so curious about this series. (Remember when Greta Gerwig worked on a spinoff, How I Met Your Dad, with Meg Ryan as the narrator? The pilot didn’t wow CBS executives and didn’t make it to series. Major sliding doors moment.)


Jerry Seinfeld is a loud public talker and his family is sick of it so they had an intervention. I’m glad that Jessica understands the how egregious the earbuds/loud phone call is. This is like someone who watches videos on a smart device without headphones (see this all the time on public transit and airplanes). Who are these people? How have we not evolved enough to know this is the digital version of clipping your toenails on the bus? We live in a society, Jerry.

Jennifer Meyer hosted event and everybody showed. She is incredibly popular so this is no surprise. Her ex, Tobey Maguire, was there and he is reportedly dating Tatiana Dieteman (her account is private, but Jen follows her). All very friendly. Since their divorce, Jen has only been linked to one person – Rich Paul, who is now dating Adele. Rich and Jen follow each other, but Jen does not follow Adele. I don’t think there’s anything scandalous there, but it’s an interesting web.


This post is going to get picked up as ‘Kristen Bell cancels a classic children’s book’ which is not what is happening. It’s actually even dumber than that: hard lessons (even for kids) do not always need to be wrapped up in positivity. The book is beautiful and melancholy because the boy’s selfishness has harmful consequences to the person who loves him more than anything. There’s a lot of comments from people who read the original book and it “bothered” them that it was so unsettling so they would support a rewrite. Does everything need to be comfortable? Are people going to start arguing  that “the character was not likable” with classic books now? Sometimes life is melancholy, Sharon!