What is the more fascinating part of this story, that Diana Ross shops at Marshalls or that she carries a fanny pack? I would Love to see her Marshalls shopping list — what was she looking for? Something specific or just browsing? Housewares? Shoes? Clothes? A gift? Tell us your discount shopping ways, Miss Ross!


Anderson East and Miranda Lambert did some Garth Brooks sh-t talking on Instagram — does it seem like there’s something a little personal here, besides the lip-synching? Because in all of Miranda’s TV appearances, she’s surely had to use a backing track (or more) for production reasons. And in doing a quick bit of research, I came across Miranda defending Beyonce for her performance at President Obama’s inauguration. So clearly she knows that sometimes, it’s absolutely unavoidable. This doesn’t feel like that. (Lainey: to be fair, since the CMAs last week, I’ve heard from a lot of Nashville music industry insiders. Garth Brooks is apparently not as well-liked as you might think he is.) 



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Clark Griswold kidnaped his boss because he didn’t get a Christmas bonus and couldn’t afford to buy his family a pool.

This is on my “stop watching Housewives reunions and make time for this” list this week. Loni Anderson plays her roommate and the first episode is about a lost bra; I already like the set-up.


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Here’s a work question about The Rock: does he ever go to industry parties to schmooze? The Governors Awards or Vanity Fair or the MET Gala – even a club, or birthday party? He does red carpets for his own films, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen him outside of that set-up. No grocery shopping or stopping for coffee at Starbucks. I don’t even know where he lives. Who are his friends? He obviously doesn’t hang with other celebs, but who does he watch football or eat steak with (assuming he does these things)? I’m suddenly very curious about the inner life of Dwayne Johnson.


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I wonder who is taking all the photos of Nick Kroll on vacation.  He’s really found his angles. 


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