Justin Bieber posted a few photos of Hailey Baldwin over the last couple of days. The wording around this one, “little bean” – what do you think of when you hear the phrase “little bean?”


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John Mayer is fluent in social media – “sound off in the comments below!” is marketing 101. Turning off the comments is a nice touch.


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Some actors are forever tied into their break-out TV jobs (like Blake Lively and Leighton Meester will always have a Blair/Serena aura, no matter how far they move past it). Rachel Bilson as Summer, sure. But does Olivia Wilde have that? I barely remember her on The OC, and she was also on House, two huge shows. But when you think of Olivia Wilde, does a specific role come to mind? Probably not, which is a good thing for her career – she has branched out, into directing the upcoming movie Booksmart, which sounds fun. But I also wonder if her malleability and never having that one “star moment” has made her work less recognized.


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This morning Lainey wrote about Armie Hammer’s sh-tty November (this time, it was a comment about Stan Lee). He’s not the the only celeb who slipped. Gwyneth Paltrow, the doyenne of etiquette and chicness, included a tribute to Stan Lee in a post about a dress being on sale. It was tacky and she quickly deleted it. So that will be the story. But what we should be talking about is the best time of year – goop gift guides! This year, a village in Spain is on the list. Not a trip to a village, but a literal village

Never not modeling. Ironic. 


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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s last season is well underway so there’s probably no way to get a Lady Gaga cameo in now but… what if it could happen? Or even a one-off song with video for Vanity Fair? I’m just putting it out there. 


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Victoria Beckham made it to LA on her own to accept her People’s Choice award (which is fine, it’s not the Oscars). David is also traveling quite a bit, but he sent her a bottle of wine to celebrate with Ken Paves and the rest of her team. This is becoming a recognizable pattern with them – a lot of separate travel, followed by a long family holiday around the school breaks. But this is when tabloids start to dig – like this dumb report about David Beckham and Angelina Jolie. It’s so stupid. 


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