Nico Tortella has spoken openly about being sexually fluid and has a podcast, The Love Bomb; he and his partner talked about their polyamorous relationship in depth with The Advocate. He said their openness has led to some issues with their families and they will be skipping the traditional holidays for a trip to Peru (and Ayahuasca). So if you find yourself talking border walls or Pizzagate with your racist uncle, think of Nico Tortorella. And then go hide in your childhood bedroom to binge-watch Younger.


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Peter Mensch is a very well-known rock band manager (Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Muse) and surprise, surprise, he doesn’t like Justin Bieber.  And he’s grouchy about YouTube. Scooter has earned this clapback.


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Uzo Aduba posted in support of Taylor and the commenters were not having it – she had to post below her caption, “Let us all work on our kindness here folks.” I don’t think it helped. 


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Sarah Hyland has made that reality TV person her bonafide. They met on social media. 


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Are Bijou Philips and Danny Masterson still married? I haven’t heard that they split but they are, unsurprisingly, laying low on social media. 

What would Lindsay’s career be like today if her momager had been more Kris Jenner and less White Oprah?