Hugh Jackman drinking cocktails, wearing Crocs and taking up a new hobby. All important steps in a divorced healing journey!


Karlie Kloss has officially bought i-D magazine and any time a piece of media can be saved, especially related to the arts, I’m for it. 

Speaking of media, Jezebel was recently shut down and it’s hard to quantify exactly how influential and important it was in the rise of online media. More to that, looks like the Gawker archives are gone (or hopefully just down). The wiping out of archives is very, very concerning. 


New Christmas movie just dropped and the premise is rival exes which is fertile ground. Did this trailer give away the entire plot? Yes I think so but who are we kidding, it’s a holiday movie not Inception. (Also, the line about the bangs – LOL.) 


Last week Sarah wrote about Elf and post-2000 Christmas movies, mentioning Love Actually. This is The Holiday erasure! Jude Law, Jack Black, Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet? That’s a cast. The premise holds up, too: a widow, a romantic who is unlucky in love, a nice guy, and a career woman who’s an emotional mess: the gang’s all here. Houses that look straight out of Architectural Digest? Check. 


Third photo in the carousel of a friend and castmate – does this count as Insta official for Ariana “break up with your girlfriend” Grande and SpongeBob Sidepiece? I think so. 


Elizabeth Banks has a canned wine line, which I did not know. Is there a really busy investment person who connects celebrities with alcohol brands? Because it’s not a coincidence that so many celebrities are tied to beverage brands right now – there’s advice behind that.