Ed Helms has an upcoming Comedy Central special, The Fake News with Ted Nelms. It will focus on a national crisis – the President stuck in a well (like baby Jessica!) – with satirical and sensationalized journalism that churns out “insanity, silliness, and absolutely no factual content.” So something you’d find on Facebook any hour of the day. Comedy Central has always done fake news the best, but are we too tired from being constantly under information siege, or is it important to keep satirizing pundits? And how long until a segment from this special ends up on social media as a real story?

Miranda Kerr and Lily Aldridge are both models. How is this the best picture they have together?! It’s so blurry I can’t even tell them apart.


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Maude Apatow is a for-real actress now, which I guess she has been for a while. Because I’ve only seen her in productions by (or connected to) her dad (like Funny People and Girls), I’ve always thought of her as an extension of Leslie and Judd. But she’s making her own moves now, even though she’s been working a long time. Does she count as a child star? Certainly not in the Disney vein, but she certainly grew up in it and around it.


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I stand behind my SMA pick.  


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Where are you registered?


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goop’s New York conference is coming up in January and I looked at the list of experts. Some I’d expect, like Drew Barrymore. But Chelsea Handler, Laura Linney and Bryce Dallas Howard surprised me. 


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How long do you think this Nicki Minaj cover took to shoot? It’s basically 3 covers in one – complete change of hair and makeup and clothing. I know that’s not supposed to be what I’m focusing on, but it is.

Ben Platt’s award-winning run in Dear Evan Hansen ends on November 19. The show has been a magnet for celebrities and Broadway stars. He has a lot of adoration and goodwill around his work right now – it’s definitely a moment for him. What will he do next?


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America Ferrera and Gina Rodriguez host Latinas Who Lunch events for artists – there are too many names to mention and so many recognizable faces. It would be amazing if they filmed one as a roundtable discussion. 


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