Chris Noth is one of those people that looks like they were born in their adult form, you know what I mean? Can you imagine toddler Chris Noth? Not really. He looks the same as he did on Law & Order decades ago. 


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Lainey wrote about Dumplin (which I am so excited for) and there’s another beauty pageant show happening, Queen America. It stars Catherine Zeta-Jones, who totally fits as a former beauty queen-turned-pageant coach. The reviews are uneven, but not for CZJ – if anything, one review notes, she is too overwhelming a presence for the material. But like Duana predicted, tiaras do seem to be having a moment. 


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Sofia Vergara is launching a new perfume, which I think is her fourth? Tempting Paradise. What does this mean – that the wearer is tempted by paradise, or that the perfume is a paradise that is tempting? I have a really hard time with celebrity fragrance names, they are like mad libs.


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This is important: Carl Lentz and Justin Bieber have reunited! The Pastor Posse is back together.


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I’d need to ask a comedy nerd like Sarah, but where does Colin Quinn fit into the stand-up cannon? Other comics love him but his humour isn’t the most accessible. He has been doing the same bit on Twitter for 5+ years, and honestly, it’s still funny because it’s so (purposefully) bad.

Wait, Drew Barrymore started a newspaper? And if you need 50 restaurant recommendations try… hiring a writer. How can you possibly trust random social media recommendations?  


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Rihanna is a fantastic beauty blogger – “Guys I feel attacked.” Obviously she’s focused on cosmetics and lingerie, but I’d like to see a jewelry line from her. Look at her layered necklaces. 


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Billions is one of those shows that is really good but not quite excellent, which makes it more enjoyable. Does that make sense? You don’t have to track generations of characters (like on Game of Thrones) or decipher storylines (like on Mr. Robot). It’s just nice to watch something that doesn’t demand anything from the audience.


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Lindsay is filming confessionals for her new reality TV show, which must mean they are close to wrapping. Will she make it through the entire process without quitting or getting fired? 


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My beloved Vanderpump Rules gets the Vogue treatment. Watershed moment.


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