Last night I was on high alert, keeping tabs on absolutely everyone connected to Big Machine, Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun, which Lainey covered this morning. And you know what I mostly saw? Halsey, Camila Cabello and Selena Gomez all had her back, they are artists but they are also her friends. Then there’s Gigi Hadid, Ruby Rose and Jameela Jamil, which also tracks. Of course Martha Hunt is going to speak up for her, but are other artists who actually hold power in the industry? The absence of support outside of her immediate circle is its own story.



This is the Sexiest Man Alive cover for the 65+ movie star. 


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David Beckham is “opening a hotel” in Macau, and Gordon Ramsey will be doing the restaurant. Clearly, it’s a British theme and they will be there to oversee details and do tons of promo.

There are probably some deep pockets involved – remember when Leonardo DiCaprio, Roberto DeNiro and Martin Scorsese worked in Macau? That’s cash.


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The Rock joining the superhero circle is no surprise because it seems like everyone (besides Leonardo DiCaprio) is going that way. Besides this, I will be watching to see what The Rock will do with the 2020 election, because he has expressed an interest in politics, but is almost entirely non-political. Will he support a candidate in the US election?  


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